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This is my little corner of the internet. I'm a professional designer and have a deep passion for making things, DIY, cooking and home life! I'm a mom of 3, married, and have a full-time design career. Everything you'll see here is a hobby, side gig or just apart of my daily life. You can learn more about me and my story below.

Hi, I'm Devan, the daughter of a first generation American-Italian mother & American father (with Irish & English heritage). Two very unique families. My mom's parent's were Italian immigrants who came to the U.S. in the 1950's from Reggio di Calabria in Southern Italy. I grew up quite a bit around my mom's family in a kitchen or around a table full of food, family and friends. 

My dad's parents were from Oregon, and were high school sweethearts. All-American family. I used to joke the my grandparents reminded me of June and Ward Cleaver. My love for the outdoors and quality family time came from the many summers we spent together camping and fishing, and during the holidays we celebrated tradtions together.

My deep love of cooking, making, crafting, travel and home came largly from the influence of all of my grandparents. My Nonno was a carpenter, my grandpa did wordworking as a hobby and for home projects. My Nonna and grandma were both homemakers. I learned so much from both - and it's probably a large part of why I have so many diverse interests and random skills.

about olive + Apron

LITTLE ITALY - When my Italian family immigrated here to the Pacific Northwest in the 1950's, traditional Italian foods weren't available in the grocery stores, like we're so used to today. My Nonna + Nonno had their own vegetable garden, mini-vineyard, they cured their own meats (right in the garage), made their own wine, limoncello, grapa, and everything else they needed to cook with. Everything we ate was made came from their own hands. Passing on traditions and love.

Traditions of my Italian-American heritage are a huge part of who I am today, where my passions come from and I decided to start looking back into these traditions along with my family, so that one day my own kids can grow up knowing these same skills and traditions, like I did.

That's how Olive + Apron started. Here you'll find family recipe ideas, home decor & holiday/party styling ideas, many DIY projects, topics about mom life, and so much more. All inspired by my heritage but with a modern spin. I hope you enjoy being here as much as I enjoy sharing.

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I grew up always creating and making things.
I became a professional graphic designer as an adult and constantly find myself making my own home decor and styling my home, decorating and crafting for parties, and creating handmade gifts that are memorable and unique.

I love making all types of things and don't really consider myself an expert in any one area. So join me  on my YouTube channel, as I teach myself new skills and continue to grow old skills and come up with new project ideas that you can follow along & learn with me.



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